Cleanse Your Body With Juice And Lose Weight

If you're still a "juice virgin", Marcus Antebi might have all the answers to your diet woes. Co-owner of the Juice Press, an East Village store devoted to raw food, Antebi believes in juice cleanses and liquid diets that last at least 10 days. Sandra Ballentine, writing for the New York Times: T Magazine, undertook such a 10 day diet. A favorite with fashionistas, models, and the raw food community, Juice Press serves juices like the Dr. Mangosteen, Complete Source veggie juice, and green-apple flavored False Unicorn. Ballentine reports that she felt full of energy during her Antebi-monitored juice diet. During the 10 days, Antebi texted her tips like chew the juice to aid digestion.

After her juice cleanse ended, Ballentine found she lost 11 pounds and felt great. Juice only diets might not be the right choice for everyone, but at least the Juice Press's products taste great. To read more about Ballentine's experience, click here.