Chicken Meets Waffle

What does a chain breakfast restaurant do when its revenues stall? Tap into the soul and Southern food revival, of course. The chicken and waffle craze has finally struck the International House of Pancakes, which calls its version "new and creative and unique." Chicken and waffles, however, has been around for a lot longer than IHOP. Scholars argue about where chicken first met waffle-Roscoe's in Los Angeles and Wells Supper Club both take credit. Roscoe's, which has been featured in numerous movies and rap videos, recognizes Wells as the true originator. Once Harlem's jazz clubs shut down in the early morning, Joseph Wells dished up a dinner-breakfast combo to patrons.

During the 1920s, chicken and waffles was a special-occasion dish for the poor. But food-lovers everywhere reveled in the seemingly strange combination that brought together salty and sweet tastes. Soon, clubs began serving the dish to flappers who wanted to try the hot "new" invention.

As IHOP markets their own chicken and waffle creation, the question remains-which came first, IHOP or the dish? IHOP started up in 1958, so chicken and waffles takes the prize. At Red Rooster, we like to do different interpretation called Nuggets & Toast. To read more about IHOP and the dish's history, click here.