Come to Red Rooster's "Chicken and Champagne" Tonight!

Tonight, August 24th,  Red Rooster launches our second "Chicken and Champagne" Night! We're excited to bring this event to you once again since we had such a blast with the first one. Red Rooster's "Chicken and Champagne" is our take on the original "Chitlin' and Champagne" Tuesday special. In addition to our regular menu, we will offer a Champagne by-the-glass special and a selection of 2 Champagne cocktails, as well as "Chicken and Champagne" snacks that include the Chicken and Waffle Bite, Rooster Deviled Egg, and Curried Chitlins.

We created this concept off of the "Chitlin' and Champagne" special from the original Red Rooster in the 1940's and 50's. Back then every Tuesday, the Rooster would offer a big plate of Chitlins' with corn bread with 'all the fixin's' for a $1.90. For a little more change, you could enjoy a glass of Champagne with that beloved dish.  We wanted to revive that old school feel of that menu special where every Tuesday the neighborhood regulars would rub elbows with famous athletes and artists of the time, and order this time-honored restaurant dish.

Chitlins' and chicken are considered to be very traditional soul foods and like many other aspects at Red Rooster, our "Chicken and Champagne" special combines the rustic with the refined.  That night is also about the bar and our featured drinks. We will offer Champagne by the glass as well as combined in two Champagne cocktails for a special price. With our unique combinations of chicken and Champagne, we hope to show that not all comfort foods should be thought of as simple.

"Chicken and Champagne" will be featured at Red Rooster once a month and can hopefully become a time-honored tradition for us as well. The special starts at 6pm and we hope to see you all there in helping us celebrate this great event!