I didn't grow up with American Thanksgiving, but I have grown to love this holiday focused on food.  A few years ago I discovered the turducken: the eccentric concoction of a duck inside a chicken inside a turkey. According to Los Angeles cook Charles Phoenix, he created the "turducken of desserts" after seeing his family's Thanksgiving dessert preferences.  Remarking that each guest took a slice of all three pies - cherry, pumpkin, and apple - as well as cake, he was "inspired to combine all my family's traditional holiday desserts into one."

The result is this humorous and creative dessert, part disgusting, part delicious.  I love this guy's sense of adventure.  His hybrid has caught the interest of many home cooks, to the delight and fear of their friends.  I'm not sure that I'll be making this for my Thanksgiving, but I enjoy the spirit of the occasion.

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