Chefs Save the World, One Summit at a Time

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

The world of cooking is no longer just based on dining out and experiencing top chef's masterpieces. Today, top chefs are developing a plan to focus on the future of the world's well being.

This past weekend, nine of the world's top chefs met in Lima, Peru at a "G9" summit to discuss the future of gastronomy. Chefs at the summit included Ferran Adria (Spain), Rene Redzepi (Denmark), Yukio Hattori (Japan), Massimo Bottura (Italy), Michel Bras (France), Dan Barber (United States), Alex Atala (Brazil) and Heston Bluementhal (United Kingdom). The meeting, the "2nd Summit of the International Advisory Board of the Basque Culinary Center" aimed to create future chefs that are "socially engaged, conscious of, and responsible for his or her contribution to a fair and sustainable society." Noted in Luciana Bianchi's "Lima Declaration: Open Letter to The Chefs of Tomorrow", all nine chefs signed an agreement that they would focus on a better world for all. The agreement can be found in Binachi's report and is successfully laid out in terms of a chef's relation with nature, society, knowledge and values. Each section focuses on how chefs continue to build on developing a better world through their impeccable cooking talents.

As noted in Giles Tremlett's "Chefs Aim to Save the World", the chefs have found they can play larger roles in their communities by developing this agreement. The chefs showcase their want to guide others on a positive way of life, "through our cooking, our ethics and our aesthetics, we can contribute to the culture and identity of a people, a region, a country. We can teach members of the public to acquire good cooking habits, and to learn to make healthy choices about the foods they eat." The summit was a perfectly laid-out initiative to showcase how chefs around the world are ready for change, and not just in their kitchens.

Photo: derekGavey