Chefs in Schools Making Veggies Cool

This past weekend I was in Dallas for a stop on my tour with Buick.  I enjoyed reading up on the food culture down there in this fall's edition of Edible Dallas and Ft. Worth.  I particularly liked an article about chefs reaching out to kids in schools, and how they're "making veggies cool."  I think it's so important to make vegetables fun and healthy eating accessible.  The growing popularity of shows about chefs and cooking on television makes this exciting to young kids.  The program "Chefs Move to Schools" is one of First Lady Michelle Obama's initiatives to fight obesity, and will be implemented all over the country.  The program sponsors varied initiatives tailored to the school's capabilities.  Examples include partnering with local farmers to provide produce to school cafeterias or planting a vegetable garden.  I'm very impressed! Read more about it here.