Chef Sara Jenkins

Yesterday Red Rooster Harlem's executive chef Andrea Luz Bergquist shared her journal about life working in the restaurant.  It's a lot of work, she said, and it's a constantly evolving process. In the same vein, New York-based chef Sara Jenkins shared her struggles with opening her new restaurant, Porsena.  I love her bluntness and honesty about the trials and tribulations of making it all come together for the opening and beyond.

Early struggles included a lack of milk pitchers, and other supplies, an overwhelmed kitchen, and readjusting to cooking dried pasta for the restaurant.

I love what she says about the experience: "But we don't run away and we don't give up because we really love to cook and the beauty of the restaurant business is surviving the odds, conquering the waves, and pulling it all back from the brink of the jaws of hell time and time again."

Despite conquering a fire, and dealing with a computer break down, it's still worth it to her to have the restaurant.  Although she threatens to leave it all for a far-away country, her love for the restaurant overcomes all.

Read the rest of her article here.