Chef Greg Hozinsky's 5 Favorite Places to Eat in Los Angeles, CA

An up-and-coming young chef, Chef Hozinsky is the executive chef at Shade Hotel's Zinc Lounge in Manhattan Beach, where he cooks delicious, seasonally-inspired food that showcases produce and ingredients at their best. I hope you've enjoyed his advice about his Top 5 Tips Every Aspiring Chef Should Know and his Top 5 Seasonal Ingredients in Southern California. Chef Greg's last post is about his five favorite places to eat in the Los Angeles Area. These are all great stops if you live in the city or are planning a summer visit.  Santa Monica Farmers' Market: I would definitely have to say the Santa Monica Farmers' Market on Wednesdays; it is where all the chefs go to shop for the week. It's an organic market, with great seasonal ingredients. The key is to wake up early and get there before everything has been picked through, but even if you don't, there is still a great selection.

Waterloo and City: I've been really enjoying Waterloo and City, a new restaurant in the Culver City area of LA. I have never been disappointed. It's well priced with delicious food and a great drink selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. If you're in LA, it's worth finding the time to try this place.

Neptune's Net: I grew up going to a little place called Neptune's Net. It's on the Pacific Coast Highway, right where LA meets Ventura county. This place has a special place in my heart because I grew up going there. Full of bikers and surfers, its a really casual beach side place, serving everything from clam chowder and fried clam strips to fresh steamed shellfish you pick out.

Manhattan Meats: I am a big supporter of the small business. There is a little place called Manhattan Meats in Manhattan Beach, it's a meat counter inside a small convenient store. The guys behind to counter are always willing to make you something special. They have very fresh meats, poultry, and seafood not to mention there homemade sausages and jerky.

Urth Cafe: Always a great place and my favorite espresso in the LA area, Urth Cafe has 4 locations and I have been to them all! Great place for breakfast and lunch, all organic and food that has you leaving feeling good about yourself.

Where are your favorite places to eat in LA?