Cheese Can Help Your Teeth

Gooey, crumbly, savory, salty, sweet-and good for your teeth? Cheese can actually help keep your teeth healthy, according to an article in the Guardian. When you eat acidic or sweet foods, the acid left over on your teeth once you swallow can begin to erode the enamel. From colas to desserts, an entire pantry's worth of foods can insidiously attack your teeth. Never fear though, since cheeses contain alkali, or bases that neutralize all that acid.

Cheeses with the highest alkali levels fight acid most effectively. What should you choose to help your teeth?

With high levels of alkali, cheddar is a good choice, but steer clear of softer cheeses like brie or feta. Just a little portion can go a long way towards fighting acidity after a meal.

Of course, eating cheese isn't a substitute for good oral hygiene and consistent brushing-however, it is a more delicious option than toothpaste. Try a cow's milk cheese like mahon, and even throw in a glass of tempranillo for a treat.