Center Of Creativity

At this week's Madrid Fusion gastronomic conference, Ferran Adria, the famous founder of molecular gastronomy, divulged the details of his new venture, elBullifoundation. He plans to open a center of creativity in 2014 -- and the structure itself might be just as out there and exciting as Adria's culinary inventions. Architecturally, Adria plans for ceramic coral- and glass bell-shaped structures. There will even be an algae-pool to absorb any CO2 emissions and full-solar energy power.  This is the unconventional setting at which Adria hopes to push molecular gastronomy even further!

Although this means closing the doors of his 3-Michelin star restaurant, el Bulli, Adria assures his fans that this is a step forward and a way to give back to the world. elBullifoundation seeks to innovate by working with around 30 "culinary scholars" a year to work with Adria at the zero-emissions complex. Daily clips of the chefs' and scientists' activities will be broadcast online to the foundation's website.

Culinary enthusiasts are curious about what dining opportunities will be offered at the elBullifoundation. Adria says it will be by invitation only, no reservations, and may not only be gastronomes, but anyone he thinks will provide good feedback, including schoolchildren.

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