Celebrating Black History Month at The New York Times

By Marcus Samuelsson

I had a great time yesterday at The New York Times offices, where I spoke to a group of employees about the intersection of food and culture in honor of Black History Month.

We discussed Red Rooster, race, Harlem, and the need for more diversity in the industry.  It was great to share the floor with Kathleen McElroy, a senior editor at the Times and the paper's former Dining Editor.

Thanks again to the New York Times for hosting me, and I hope everyone enjoyed the samples from Red Rooster that we brought: Lady Baltimore; Beef Patties; Cornbread and Tomato Jam; Nuts; Corn Tacos; and Fried Yard Bird.

And it didn't end there.  After the event, I thrilled to see the newsroom and the Page One Room, as Kathleen gave us a tour.

Check out the photos for a peek into the event. Photo Courtesy by Earl Wilson