Celebrate St Patrick's Day With Irish Food

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today, we're all Irish and what better way to celebrate than to eat foods from the land of Ireland. Ireland is possibly better known for it's suffering during the Great Potato Famine of 1848, than actually for their food. After conquering the fungus that destroyed the nation's potato crops, the Irish continued to have potatoes factor largely into their cuisine. Take the baked potato, for example. Ireland is also known for it's delicious dairy products, particularly their butter which is a delectable addition to this simple dish.

The Irish are also known for their tangy, fast-rising bread, known to us as soda bread . Soda was a cheap and accessible alternative to yeast and was popular with the lower classes. This food also makes use of Ireland's bounty of dairy products, including buttermilk in the recipe and butter as a popular topping. Traditionally, a coin is cooked inside for someone to find and this person is blessed with luck for the upcoming year!

These dishes are a great, vegetarian way to celebrate America's Irish heritage! Try this great Irish Soda Bread recipe.