Celeb Chefs' Kitchen 101 Twitter Chat Recap

Thank you to all of those that joined us for our Celeb Chefs' Kitchen 101 Twitter Chat! We had a great Twitter chat with celebrity chefs and food experts Bryan Voltaggio, Daniel Boulud, Michael Chiarello, Hillary Mickell from Foodily, Veronica Chan from Gojee, and Amanda Hesser from Food52. Followers were able to ask us any kitchen or culinary question that came to mind. The Macy's sponsored Twitter chat was a great success and the ten followers with the best questions were entered to win a free cookbook.

Food Republic did an awesome job of assembling an all-star cast and the questions from followers were certainly engaging! Followers asked everything from cooking pork shanks to the chef's favorite ingredient that they can't live without. Here's a short recap of some questions that followers were able to personally ask some of their favorite celebrity chefs and their responses.

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Nadette @NadetteEats @foodrepublic I'm planning on cooking pork shanks. What's the best method and vessel for tender meat? #FR101

Daniel Boulud @DBNewYorkNY @NadetteEats @foodrepublic here is a recipe for pork shankdanielnyc.com/events.html#/h... cast iron or even better clay pot is the best #fr101

Michael Chiarello @ChefChiarello4h @NadetteEats @foodrepublic Salt overnight, cook 6 - 8 hours in rendered pork fat w/aromatics. U can braise w/veggies & broth#FR101


Just Call Me Vee @Flashynista #FR101 RT@foodrepublic Q: Can Soul Food (Southern Cooking) be tasty and most of all healthy without losing the Southern touch?

Marcus Samuelsson @MarcusCooks @Flashynista, absolutely, you have to have a blend btw modern cooking tech & portions. many dishes from the south that are healthy#FR101

Marcus Samuelsson @MarcusCooks @Flashynista, you can do boiled peanut, gichi rice, you can have shrimp & rice, the key is you can do a riff of southern, be inspired#FR101


Michael Turner @michaelkturner #FR101 @FoodRepubilc @ChefChiarello What is the best advice to get a home chef to become more creative?

Michael Chiarello @ChefChiarello @michaelkturner @FoodRepubilc Pick a single cuisine and an area of that cuisine, like Italian/Pasta #FR101


Dwight David Turner @ChefDDavid @foodrepublic Q. for all chefs. Can you recommend any top apprentice programs for aspiring chefs? #FR101

Michael Chiarello @ChefChiarello @ChefDDavid @foodrepublic find best restaurant you can drive to, offer to work for free for as long as you can it's called stagier #FR101

Marcus Samuelsson @MarcusCooks @ChefDDavid I think the best 1 is going to your local chef that you admire and offer your services for the weekend #FR101

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