Candy Rush is Not Just For Easter

By: Allana Mortell

With all this talk of Easter candy, it's often hard to find any talk about something other than Hershey Kisses and chocolate bunnies. With the recent rise of artisanal treats, it 's great to find something like a candy shop that can offer up goods besides the generic plastic wrapped candy found at the counter of a convenience store. Enter: "The Candy Rush", in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

For me, the mark of a successful business is not just producing great products but about providing a one-of-a-kind experience to customers. The folks behind The Candy Rush delivered on every possible level. From the customer service to the decor and pure sugar overload (in a good way), I left feeling happy and excited to plan my next trip back!

The Candy Rush opened last summer with much acclaimed praise from residents of Crown Heights as well as Prospect Heights. Walking into the shop, you truly feel transported back to your childhood, a feeling I'm sure the owners wanted to evoke for their loyal customers. Immediately, your eyes are drawn to the left wall where from floor to ceiling are seven rows of ... you guessed it, candy! On each wooden row, lie 7 clear glass jars full of different types of candy to either make your own candy bowl or seemingly for display. Either way, the wooden ladder to reach the top is simply adorable and plays well alongside the antique vibe of the whole place. That entire wall reminded me of a scene from Willy Wonka- you could just picture kids sliding back and forth on the ladder, picking out their favorite treats for later.

Making your way through the shop, you pass by the ice cream counter which has gallons of different Blue Marble Creamery flavors, 13 to be exact. You can create different ice cream cones, milkshakes and my personal favorite, ice cream on top of crepes. The homemade crepes at Candy Rush are utterly fabulous! Mix and match flavors, go for sweet or savory crepes. This particular day (and most, who I am kidding?) I went for the sweet. Strawberry & nutella with a touch of powdered sugar.

My mouth began to drool as I watched the crepe being made by one of the employees. On top of a hot griddle, the batter was slowly dispensed from a giant ladle, steam rising high as it slowly cooked. Then, with the precision only a qualified crepe maker can have, the batter was spread evenly over the griddle with a tool that resembled the same type of tool you use to scrape snow off your car. Almost like a miniature window-washer. Regardless, it got the job done. Because crepe batter is so light and takes practically no time to fully cook through, it is important for the batter to be spread evenly over the heat.

The finished crepe was sweet from the strawberries but rich and nutty from the massive amount of gooey, warm nutella spread in the middle. The crepe itself was light and crisp on the edges and held together well under my raging fork and knife.

There was no doubt the food and massive offerings of candy that made this trip so sweet; however, the friendliness, the customer service and the relaxed atmosphere made my visit ten times better. The Candy Rush is welcoming without being overwhelming, the store is small but packed full of goodies and I can only imagine what its like during the summer when their outside patio is open and crazy. For the kids, there are slides outside and plenty of toys, including an old-school vintage video gamer towards the back of the shop. Tables are small, but painted in bright, flashy colors. There is certainly nothing ordinary about this candy shop and the residents of Crown Heights should be ecstatic to know they don't have to walk far for a good, old fashioned time in an old school candy shop.

The Candy Rush is located at 733 Franklin Avenue between Park Place & Sterling Place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Photos: Allana Mortell

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