Cabernet Sauvingnon And Truffle Tremor


Celebrate spring and fill your mouth with the Earth's bounty: Cabernet Sauvingnon and Truffle Tremor.

Nearly every wine-producing country grows Cabernet Sauvingon grapes, though the most famous come from the Bordeaux region of France. It ages particularly well in oak barrels and carries corresponding flavors as well as distinctive vegetal and black currant notes.

Truffle Tremor is a velvety and pungent delight. It is a ripened goat's milk cheese crafted artisinally in California. The faint saltiness only augments the sensual and intense truffle flavor. The earthy tones will thaw any remaining winter chill from your body and soul!

Spread the Truffle Tremor on some mild crackers and let your Cabernet Sauvingon aerate for a few minutes after uncorking to get the most out of this fantastic combination.

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