Bryant Terry Has A New Urban Organic Series

The amazing chef, cookbook author, and food activist, Bryant Terry is collaborating with One Economy Corporation to explore ways Americans can live healthy lives by harvesting and eating local foods. Terry visits iconic cities to showcase their methods of urban farming. The series investigates fascinating characters and their unique approaches to urban farming.

It is very difficult to be self-sufficient in a low-income urban location, so it's inspiring that Terry is the host of a show that will focus on how to grow food in an urban setting where grocery stores and local farming is scarce. The series will feature cutting-edge chefs, urban farmers, and social innovators who are bringing urban agriculture to the low-income neighborhoods that need them most.

North Oakland is the first city that Terry visits in this three part web-series and the episode centers around aquaponics. Aquaponics is the combination of recirculation aquaculture and hydroponics. In aquaponics, you grow plants and fish together in one integrated system. Meaning- fish waste is a form of nutrients used to feed the plants. This method is exhibited as one of the most cutting edge solutions for growing foods in urban areas.

Urban restaurants that want to use local produce have a difficult time starting their own gardens when there is only concrete around. Since soil isn't required for aquaponics, it can be set up in urban areas supplying food to local markets, in arid regions with poor soil, in developing countries, in rural communities or anywhere else that fresh food is needed.

Billed as "a healthy lifestyle series for Urban Dwellers," the series is slated to have a six-week run on One Economy's Public Internet Channel, with new episodes premiering every other week. One Economy Executive Producer Mohammed Bilal says, "The Urban Organic web series is really about giving low-income families the information they need to become more self-sufficient and to make healthy eating choices."

Sounds like Bryant Terry has knocked it out of the park again with another important message that he's sending out to the community.