Brunch For The Famine in Horn of Africa

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The famine in East Africa is worsening, yet it receives little mainstream news coverage. In just one short month, the number of famine regions in Somalia declared by the United Nations has risen from four to six! Hundreds of thousands of East Africans are at risk of starvation as climate conditions worsen in that area. Also, with news of aid for famine victims not reaching affected areas because of insurgents, many of us in the West and other areas are wary of donating money to nonprofit organizations. I am a huge supporter of the relief efforts currently in place by the UN World Food Programme and UNICEF, and they do a phenomenal job, but I also want to make a more personal impact in relief efforts for famine victims in East Africa, especially in my homeland of Ethiopia.

That is why I would like to invite you and your loved ones to join me for a special brunch, "Brunch for the Horn of Africa," taking place at my home in Harlem to raise money for the famine. Please join me and my wife Maya on Sunday, September 18th, as we host you and fellow supporters in our home between 1pm and 4pm to raise money for famine victims. Maya will then personally travel to the famine regions in Ethiopia and on the Ethiopian/Somali border, and through her family and contacts, she will distribute food, vitamins, medicine, and clothes bought with your contributions. She will document her interaction with victims suffering from the famine and drought so you can see how your contribution will save lives and directly impact those who she helps. You will be able to follow her progress on my website ( and through the hash tag #MayaHaile on my Twitter feed (@MarcusCooks).

Please join us for "Brunch for the Horn of Africa" on September 18th, from 1pm-4pm. With the support from Food Republic, Tadias, Urbanspoon, Paul Goerg Champagne, Radeberger Beer, and the Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard, we will serve traditional American brunch items as well as a few Ethiopian dishes to spice up the menu. You can make a reservation on further down on this post. Once you've made your reservation, you will be sent a confirmation email with all the specific details. A suggested goodwill contribution of $50 per person, and a raffle of various items will take place throughout the event, offering guests a chance to contribute further and win some fun prizes from my industry pals.

Help us make a difference and show kindness to our East African friends during their current and frantic time of need. Make a reservation to our "Brunch for the Horn of Africa." I hope to be able to welcome you all in my home as we work together to help feed the famine victims in East Africa.

Marcus Samuelsson would like to advise you that it is anticipated that no portion of the "goodwill" payment made by you in conjunction with attending the brunch on September 18, 2011 in Mr. Samuelsson's apartment is tax deductible, per Internal Revenue (IRS) Regulations. You will be provided goods and services in exchange for your payment. Additionally, no approved section 501 (c) (3) public charity will participate in the event in any capacity; you should not attempt to treat the payment made by you as a tax deductible payment/contribution. You are directed to speak with an independent tax advisor to determine the manner in which you wish to identify your payment.