Broccoli Now Wears a Cape: The Creation of Super Broccoli

By: Dylan Rodgers

Don't make any psychiatric appointments because that did just happen: an abnormally buff looking sprig of broccoli dressed in blue and red tights zipped right past your head and off into the horizon.

Tastier than a speeding bullet! More nutritious than a locomotive! Able to grow like 2 feet from underneath the ground! Look! In that general direction! It's Super Broccoli!

For 14 years, British scientists have been hard at work trying to develop the most potently nutritious broccoli known to humankind, and they have finally succeeded. By crossbreeding the traditional British broccoli with a wild, bitter Sicilian variety, these scientists have successfully produced a plant with three times the broccoli power.

Broccoli is the only known food to be packed with high amounts of glucoraphanin. This nutrient breaks down cholesterol in the blood stream and reduces cancer risk. It helps our stomachs regenerate their lining, it speeds up detoxification, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. By combining the two varieties of broccoli, these British scientists have produced an edible sprout from a plant packed with the highest frequency of glucoraphanin in the broccoli family. The best part is that they did it without resorting to genetic modification. In other words the result is pure, organic, and nutritious plant matter.

All you people out there struggling with overweight, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and generally bad health, listen up: eating this super sprout feeds your body more of what it needs without having to resort to synthetic supplements or high broccoli consumption. This, of course, doesn't mean a healthy lifestyle is obsolete. A balanced diet and exercise are eternally important. Super broccoli is just an added benefit.

Interestingly, the British tested this new broccoli strain on Americans first; in California and Texas. It seems the Brits were somewhat cautious about the new super broccoli, so they tried it out on us first. And because no one has complained about any sort of broccoli-related illnesses, this new strain of super broccoli will be sold across the US and the UK later this fall.

One con, some have suggested, is that super broccoli costs about a third more than the regular sprouts. But if you do the math, three times the glucoraphanin for well less than twice the price is a pretty good deal. You would actually save money because it's only necessary to eat a third of the normal broccoli intake-at least as far as your glucoraphanin levels are concerned.

If you're still skeptical, give it a little time. More test results will be released next year. I must humor the possibility that it could end up being toxic or I don't know... making people turn a light shade of green. But if I had to guess, super broccoli isn't going away any time soon.

Photo: Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel

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