Bring The Flavors Of Spring Into Your Home With Some Asparagus!

Young asparagus is a fantastic vegetable - these shoots are absolutely packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They're a powerhouse of nutrients and flavor, even hailed historically for its medicinal properties. Asparagus, unlike most plants, can grow in saline-rich soils near oceans and also is a great companion to plant with tomatoes to naturally repel pests. The prime season for asparagus begins in late April and continues through the summer. There are many ways to bring out the best in asparagus, including roasting, sauteing, and even grilling. Since it is full of natural flavor, you can prepare asparagus simply or gussy it up by frying it or adding sauces.

Asparagus can star in as a dish of its own - try roasting it with olive oil, salt and pepper or adding a hollandaise sauce on top - or as an ingredient. I like to add asparagus to any type of salad, such as green salad or even rice and pasta salads. Par-boiling this veggie for a few minutes allows it to bring out its nutrients and aroma while maintaining a refreshing crunch!