Brandon Cox's New Art At Red Rooster Harlem

Just yesterday, Red Rooster attained a new piece of art from Brooklyn-based award-winning artist, Brandon C. Cox. The piece entitled "It Helps The Medicine Go Down," has been installed on the famous Rooster Wall for all to see.

Cox is known for using innovative techniques to focus on contemporary issues revolving racial politics in Western society, the oppressed oppressor, queer culture, the value of institutionalized learning, and capitalism. His art is always meaningful and expresses the Black experience with depth and insight. His new piece at Red Rooster Harlem is no exception.

As Brandon Cox explains, "In this piece, I began to use billboards from urban communities as a stand in for Blackness.  Aunt Jemima spoon-feeding a child gold fronts was intended as a metaphor for Black youth teaching their children marred ways of being.  Mass media creates an intoxicating environment for the viewer where the image of Blacks is limited and negative.  This stereotypical image is then regurgitated by Black youth to their youth.  With this piece began my interest in the presentation of images created by systems for mass consumption that are digested, embodied, and reiterated every day."

Stop by the Red Rooster and check out Brandon's "It Helps The Medicine Go Down." For more information about Brandon and his art, visit his website here.

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