Brain's response to sugars may explain obesity

Your brain really does detect a difference between sugars-a new study shows that the brain reacts differently to glucose and fructose. Karen Rowan reports in her article "Brain's response to sugars may explain obesity" that brain activity increases when people consume glucose and decreases with fructose. The study found there was a 200% disparity in brain signaling. Although fruit contains both glucose and fructose, sweetened food products often contain a greater proportion of fructose. While the study didn't explicitly look at whether fructose consumption causes weight gain, the findings suggest that more fructose needs to be consumed to produce a similar effect to glucose.

More studies will likely investigate exactly how the brain reacts to fructose and glucose in more detail; until then, speculation will continue as to the exact physiological effects of these two sugars. To read the full story, click here.