Bizarre Food Facts: The Kooky Cucumber

Sometimes food can be used for more than just eating. There are many unusual uses for everyday ingredients that we may use in our recipes. So when a unique ingredient or food with a bizarre use comes to our attention, we'll be sure to inform you about it.

Today, we'll feature the cucumber, which is in abundance this season. Have too many cucumbers lying around that are about to go to waste? Fear not! We've got some unique uses for this cool summer veggie.

Believe it or not, the cucumber is without a doubt one of the few 'Swiss Army Foods'. No matter who you are or what you do, the cucumber can help.

Green Thumbs: keep your garden free from pests all season by slicing a cuke, put the slices in a pie tin, and place in your garden.

Home Improvers: remove years of tarnishing on stainless steel facets and sinks, remove pen and crayon marks on walls and some furniture, and fix that squeaky hinge that has been begging you for attention by slicing them and rubbing them on the problem areas.

Social Event Connoisseurs: before you go out, cut up a cucumber and polish your shoes, fix bad breath, and rub a slice on cellulite to smooth out those ruts.

Hypochondriacs and Panophobics: write the words, "Don't Panic" across a whole cucumber, cut it up, and boil it in water to release an aroma proven to reduce stress.