Bizarre Food Facts: The Good-For-Everything Vinegar

Everyone knows that vinegar is used in some recipes and every pickling process out there, but vinegar is far more versatile than most people imagine.  Did you know it can help for everything from cleaning to preventing dandruff and bruises? For decades, people have known about vinegar's many, many uses and here are just a few:

Using plain distilled vinegar, you can clean faucets, counter tops, cutting boards, and everything else in the kitchen.

Mix it with baking soda and you can unclog drains and un-stink your garbage disposal.

Dilute it in water, spray vinegar your hair after shampooing to prevent dandruff and to dissolve sticky product residue.

It also neutralizes pet odor, as well as deter ants and other insects from areas you spray it on.

Finally, the best kept secret about vinegar is that it can keep your skin from developing bruises. Simply place a bit on a paper towel and rub it on the freshly bumped area, and voila! Minimal to no bruising!

So now you know, if there ever was a wonder elixir, vinegar is it!

What else do you use vinegar for?