Bizarre Food Facts: 10 Remarkable Uses for Mayonnaise

Everyone knows that mayonnaise is the ultimate condiment.  It goes on everything equally well and would most likely survive a nuclear holocaust.  Made of eggs, oil, and vinegar, this gelatinous spread's origins are disputed as to the inventor and the timeframe (Duke de Richelieu in 1756, Richard Hellmann in 1905, or Karen Creamo in 1927).  Regardless of who gets credit for it, after you read this post you'll probably realize that mayonnaise can only have come from the gods themselves.  The following are uses for mayonnaise as everything but food.

1. Gum Remover:  Applying a healthy glop'o'mayo to stuck-on gum in your hair or on hard surfaces will help remove that sticky nuisance and its residue.

2. Clean Piano Keys and Shine Leaves:  Rub mayo on piano keys and buff them out for a clean, crisp sheen or buff it into leaves to make your plants­ look professionally cleaned.

3. Condition Your Hair:  Look at the back of your conditioner bottle and follow the directions but replace the word "conditioner" with "mayonnaise".  Your hair will be beautiful, healthy, and near edible.

4. Remove Crayon Art:  Have aspiring artists still in their terrible-twos?  No problem!  Rub mayo onto the little Monet and let it sit for several minutes.  Then wipe the surface off with a clean, damp cloth.

5. Exfoliate Yourself:  Microwave a bowl of mayo for a few seconds until it's room temperature and liberally apply it as you would any other facial mask, making sure there are no super hot spots.  Let it set for 15 minutes and remove it with upward motions.

6. Kill Lice:  Over the years, lice have started to become resistant to chemical treatments, so instead of burning a hole in your wallet for new, probably harmful chemicals, buy a jar of mayonnaise.  Massage a good amount of mayo into your scalp before bedtime and cover your hair with a shower cap.   In the morning, wash your hair and use a fine-tooth comb to remove any stubborn lice.  Do it one more time within 7-10 days and the entire eradication is complete.

7. Remove Tar and Tree Sap From Cars:  Rub mayo on tar and sap deposits on your car, and spread some on bread with a little ham for the wait.  Once you're finished enjoying your wonder food, rub the mayo off your car with a damp cloth.

8. Mayo-Manicure:  Soak your fingernails in mayonnaise for five minutes and wash them under warm water.  This will help fight those nasty hangnails too.

9. Un-stick What's Stuck:  By using plenty of mayonnaise, you can remove rings stuck on your fingers and your child's head stuck in between the rails of the stairs.

10. Aloe-Mayo:  Gently rub mayonnaise on a sunburn to nullify the pain and cool the burn.


Inspired? Now, why not make your own mayo using Food Republic's Make Your Own Mayo Recipe.

What else do you use mayonnaise for?

Photo: FotoosVanRobin