Bizarre Food Facts: 10 Other Uses for Baking Soda

Baking soda-the eighth natural wonder of the world.  It leavens, it deodorizes, and can cause any vinegar-volcano to erupt in a furious overflow of pH neutral liquid.  Believe it or not, there are many other uses for the bicarbonate of soda that go beyond baking, fridge un-stinking, and science experimenting.  Behold the amazing and extremely affordable powers of BAKING SODA!

1. Tarnish Remover:  By mixing a thick paste of baking soda with water, you can de-tarnish any silver surface.  Simply apply the paste, rub with a damp sponge, rinse, and buff dry.

2.  Weed Killer:  Sweep large amounts of baking soda into the cracks of paved walks and driveways to keep those pesky weeds from rearing their frustrating little sprouts.

3.  Soak Up Oil and Grease:  Just spilled oil and/or grease?  Reach into your utility belt and grab the baking soda.  Sprinkle it all over the spill and watch it absorb.

4.  Maintain Your Septic Tank:  Flush one cup of baking soda down the commode once a week to maintain proper tank pH and alkalinity levels (i.e. controlling sulfide odors).

5.  Clean Your Coffee and Teapots:  Is your coffee pot ruining the flavor of the most important drink of your day even though you wash it continually?  Add a quarter cup 'o' sodium bicarbonate, one quart warm water, let it soak a little while, and rinse it out.  BAM!  Clean!

6. Skin Ointment:  After your rugged camping trip, you know, the one where you decided to take a nap on that shiny, green, 3-leafed plant, you may want to grab some baking soda, make a paste, and apply it to stop that terrible burning sensation.  It works for vampiristic insect wounds too.

7.  Manicuring Dish Detergent:  Make a baking soda paste and use it to wash your dishes.  It will simultaneously make your hands baby soft.

8.  Un-stick Stuck-On Burnt Food:  Eliminate seriously burnt-on food by pouring in a thick cushion of baking soda into the pot, add an inch of water, and boil your mixture for a minute or two.  With a little scrub, the burnt mess should come right off.

9.  Destroy Mildew:  Plastic shower curtains looking a little, uh... alive?  Wash the mildew away on the gentle cycle with a couple bath towels for cushioning and a half cup of baking soda with your detergent.  Add one cup vinegar during your rinse cycle and let your curtains drip dry.

10.  Drain-O Volcano:  When your sink drain gets clogged, rather, before it gets clogged, pour a half cup of baking soda into it and pour down a half cup of white vinegar.  Cover the drain with a bowl and let it sit for two hours.  Rinse it with hot water and it should remove moderate grease and dirt residue throughout your pipes.

What else do you use baking soda for?