Bittman Asks If Sustainable Farming Can Feed The World

In his most recent opinion column, Mark Bittman asks if sustainable farming can feed the world. Right now, we would need "1.5 earths to be sustainable at [the] current rate of consumption," because the earth takes 18 months to replenish the resources used in 1 year.  That is a scary thought, but what can be done? Bittman asserts that agricultural practices that are "pretty close to organic" can feed the undernourished sooner, revitalize the damage industrial agriculture has done to the earth, and ideally, become the norm.

Bittman lays out these goals:

*Food is a basic right, and sustainability is a high priority *We need to reduce and repair environmental damage *Cut back on production and consumption of resource-intensive food *Increase inefficiency and "do something about waste"

Undeniably important, these goals can feel lofty and unattainable for the average person.  How can you help?  Reduce your own personal food waste, and make the most of your leftovers. Bittman suggests eating fewer animal products can help reduce reliance on industrial agriculture.