Bill Clinton Hosts Fundraiser for Nelson Mandela Foundation

Last week, Red Rooster and I had the great honor of meeting President Bill Clinton as he hosted a special fundraiser for the Nelson Mandela Foundation. This event marked the launch of a new Foundation initiative to promote Mr Mandela's legacy globally in the years ahead.

Supporters from South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Nigeria joined President Clinton, Minister Tokyo Sexwale and Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory CEO Achmat Dangor in paying tribute to Nelson Mandela and his work to promote dialogue and a just society. CEO Dangor stated that the entire Nelson Mandela Foundation was grateful for the long-time support from President Clinton and that this event was key to the re-engagement of the Foundation with the United States.

It was an honor to be in the midst of such highly regarded individuals like President Clinton and Former US Ambassador to South Africa, Delano Lewis, as Red Rooster catered this special event. I was joined by my Red Rooster staff as we prepared and served some traditional South African dishes like Bunny Chow and Malva Pudding.

We each got to say hello to our former President and we got a great shot with him that I'm we'll surely display up on our Rooster wall. We're glad to have been able to be part of such a prestigious event and we commend President Clinton for his work in helping to continue a peaceful and just society for all.

Check out some photos from the fundraiser below. For more information about the Nelson Mandela Foundation, click here. 

Photos: Adam Schultz

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