Big Burger World

Dish Recommendation By Julia Burgi

Perhaps you don't live in New York City and can't take advantage of the Top 5 Burgers in New York City. If you live in Colorado, then you're in luck - one of the best burgers in the US is within reach.

Big Burger World is a roadside gem in Canon City, an old mining town about an hour outside of Colorado Springs. Its center nestled into an incredible valley, one ridge of which you can drive, bike, or hike on a route called "Skyline Drive." There is an adorable main street containing old theaters, bars with local micro-brews, and great antique shops.

What might Big Burger World offer? More than your average burger, for sure. There is an array of non-burger options, with fresh-smoked BBQ on the weekends, and regular chicken and veggie patty options. Burgers, though, are definitely the star. There is an infinite choice of toppings such as jalapenos and guacamole, chili and cheese, mushrooms and bacon. Also, some of these burgers are larger than your head at 8 ounces, pre-cooked!

The chili burger came with an option of green or red chili and I opted for the green, which came with chunks of pork. The chili-topped burger, though, was buried underneath layers of cheese and fresh lettuce and tomatoes. It was spicy, though not overpoweringly so, and flavorful to the last bite.

The service is great at Big Burger World and the food even better at this joint off the beaten path!