Best Juice Combinations for a Healthier You

In the foodie world, juicing has quickly become the newest healthy habit around. Juice cleanses and juice bars are popping up everywhere faster than cupcakes shops and food trucks. The biggest positive from juicing comes from the fact you're consuming optimal amounts of vegetables and nutrients in an efficient, straw-driven manner.

The Cancer Institute of America suggests we all have five servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit every day.  With that said, given our busy lifestyles and the whole "fast-food" nation epidemic, it's becoming more and more difficult to consume the proper amount of healthy nutrients every single day.

Once upon a time, smoothies had their big "moment," and while the fruit-driven drinks are nevertheless a healthy option, the prevalence of juice bars and "green" drinks are momentarily outshining their fruity fro-yo counterparts.

Juicing, especially with organic, fresh and local ingredients, allows you to absorb all the possible nutrients vegetables have to offer. You're able to add a wider variety of vegetables into your diet given the numerous options for juicing today. We all know how beneficial it is to cook with green vegetables (spinach in salads, sauteed with pasta and kale is totally having a moment right now) but who knew how easy it was to get those green vegetables in a juice? If you don't have time to cook those veg, blend them in a drink instead!

We recently visited two of Harlem's juice bars and asked for their take on the best green juices most beneficial towards our health and well-being.

Uptown Veg: 14 E. 125th between 5th & Madison Avenue

1. Kale, celery, spinach, cucumbers and a dash of lemon

To cut the bitterness of all the green vegetables, the lemon is added for an acidic taste and burst of flavor. Feeling tired? Celery will certainly do the trick, as the crunchy veg adds nutrients that help arthritis, reduce inflammation and especially promote restfulness and sleep.

2. Parsley, watercress, spinach and ginger

Ginger is incredibly helpful for digestion - it rids your stomach and intestine of gas and aids in the digestion of fatty foods. Additionally, if you're looking for a juice that is herb and mineral driven, look no further. The antioxidants and vitamins in spinach and parsley are plentiful, chock full of Vitamin A, C and E and minerals like iron, copper, potassium and magnesium can be taken into the cells of the body within 15 minutes by juicing organic and local vegetables.

Organic Juice Bar: corner of 126th and Madison

1. Ginger, lemon, celery, cucumbers, parsley, apples

With the additional fruits, this "super green" juice fulfills your daily fruit and vegetable requirement to a tee. The nutrients from ginger and green vegetables promote hemoglobin, which quickly sends oxygen to your cells. By using organic fruits and vegetables, green juices cleanse your body and regulate sugar content in a healthy manner.

2. Acai berry juice, agave nectar and ice

The acai berry comes from the acai palm tree native to Central and South America and the berry itself is small, about an inch long and reddish-purple in color. With a higher antioxidant capacity than other good-for-you fruits like raspberries, cranberries and blueberries, this superfruit turns this juice into a super-good-for-you drink you can sip while imagining yourself on a beach, dipping your toes into the sand. Sweeter than its green counterparts, this juice isn't full of the processed sugar found in so many drinks in most superstores sold all over the country.

To brush up on your juices and benefits of drinking your vegetables rather than eating them, click here.

What are you favorite juice combos?

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