Being a Conscious Consumer

You'll notice on my site today that we will feature articles about sustainability and ways to become a more conscious consumer. As a chef and consumer myself, I am always looking for ways to not only eat healthier and provide my restaurant patrons with healthier options, but also ways to help reduce our impact on the environment. Sustainability is a cause dear to me and a lot of related topics have recently been in the news. One topic that has been in the news lately is the topic of genetically-modified foods, or GMOs. Just yesterday, Food Republic published an interview with fellow Chef Vikram Garg of the luxury Hawaiian resort, Halekulani, who offers a special GMO-free portion of their menu. Chefs like Vikram help remind us that we must always evolve with our customers and are constantly teaching us and coming up with new ways to do that. Movements like GMO-free menus in our country will slowly help change new American cuisine. This new movement and others towards sustainability are great examples of showing that we care.

Stay tuned to more of my thoughts on food news and politics, as well as other causes that I cherish.

To read Food Republic's interview of Chef Vikram Garg, click here.