Behind the Scenes with Vogue Magazine

If you haven't caught the June issue of VOGUE magazine featuring Maya and Marcus and an excerpt from Yes, Chef, here's a look at some behind-the-scenes shots from that day. We had an early call for the photo shoot that morning--Vogue editors and interns nibbled on coffee and croissants while Marcus and Maya sifted through racks of Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Gucci, and too many designers to count. After some quick changes in the private dining room at Ginny's, Marcus settled for Acne (one of his favorite Swedish brands) and Paul Smith while Maya looked stunning in a Suno shirt and Duro Olowu pants. The main dining room at Rooster substituted for a makeup studio while Tim Rogers made sure hair was to perfection.To make things even more exciting, the staff at Red Rooster and Ginny's hustled around the extra 15 bodies that were present for sound checks and last minute construction in preparation to host Roberta Flack that night. Check out the gorgeous chaos that ensued that ended in two sublime performances. To pre-order copies of Yes, Chef, please click here.


Photos: Jeannette Park