Beer Searching Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler

By: Justin Chan

It's easy to grab a pack of generic beer at your local supermarket, but finding one that's indigenous to a certain country is like finding Waldo in a sea of cartoon characters dressed in red and white.

Those who aren't heavy consumers of beer are probably fine with a bottle of Heineken or Coors Light, but beer connoisseurs will tell you that there are many other obscure brands that will soothe your taste buds. Consider Boon Framboise, a Belgian beer that smells like a combination of vanilla and wood. The brand scored a 98 on a taste test conducted by the U.S. Beverage Institute. It also won the "Beer of the Year" award from Malt Advocate.

Though heavily praised by beer critics, Boon Framboise is one of the many beer names few people in the U.S. can recognize. Surprised? Don't be. Most Americans are used to watching Guinness commercials where two scientists go back and forth yelling "Brilliant!" or Miller Lite ads where a poor fellow is on the verge of losing his man card. Major beer brands such as Heineken, Bud Light, Coors and Miller Light have complete dominance over the advertisements you see every day, while lesser-known brands often remain under your radar.

Manhattan Beer Distributors, however, hopes to change all that. The company's website  features local events aimed at spotlighting famous beers and several beverages that you have probably never heard of. Those who can't attend these events don't need to worry. The site even has a product finder that can help you locate a store that sells some hard-to-get beers. Looking for a bottle of Chang? No problem. Type in your zip code, and the site will tell you the nearest location that sells this Thai delight. What about a bottle of Menabrea Ambrata? Just do the same thing, and you'll find a store in no time. In fact, the site features a long list of attractive beers (albeit with names that are difficult to pronounce) that would have even the Most Interesting Man in the World think twice about his favorite beer.

Besides helping you find your favorite beer anywhere it's located in Manhattan, it also searches in all five of the boroughs so no matter where you are you can hunt down those brewskies. So if you're tired of drinking that same old generic beer, treat your taste buds to something more worthy by finding a beer on Manhattan Beer Distributors' site. And if you're worried about consuming too many calories while you're beer-hunting, your best bet is to stay away from dark beers or just have the website find you the best low-cal brews.

Photo: Adam Fagen 

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