Beef Rendang Makes A Super Winter Dish

Weekly Dish Recommendation By Jason Bell

Beef rendang makes a super winter dish, warming the entire body from the stomach out. If you're in New York City, you can find a great version at Laut, a Malaysian and Thai restaurant in Union Square. They prepare spectacular curries, but the rendang is especially delicious.

Simmered until almost all the broth has evaporated off and the meat is covered in a sticky sauce, the rendang tastes of coconut, lime, and lemongrass. A little bit spicy and really rib-sticking, this curry comes with white rice in the bottom of the bowl to absorb the spare sauce. I like to order a bowl of fiery Tom Yam soup while I wait for my main dish-the sour broth is invigorating.

With an energetic atmosphere and welcoming staff, Laut is a fantastic spot for weekend get-togethers. No trip is complete without an order of beef rendang for the whole table to taste.

Visit Laut's website for more information.