Baked Beans Recipe: The Perfect Summer Side Dish

One of my go-to summer sides for day of grilling or campfire cooking is baked beans. I'm thrilled that Brian Nichols of The New York Times' T Magazine our baked beans at Red Rooster and featured the recipe in a recent article about summer grilling. Stop by at Red Rooster to get a taste of them for yourself with our Jerk Bacon, or try your hand at making them at home. The smoky flavor of the beans pairs great with a juicy burger fresh from the grill - try this tropical burger for a twist on a classic.

Are you vegetarian, or just need a summertime meal idea for Meatless Monday? I include bacon in my baked beans, but you can easily omit the bacon to make this recipe veggie-friendly. Pair with delicious grilled in-season veggies like zucchini, or a classic grilled cheese with some creative additions thrown in.

If you're going camping this summer, pack a premade batch of baked beans to start a fireside tradition. Pack a travel container full of them to enjoy alongside your grilled hot dogs, baked potatoes, and fire-grilled vegetables.

Thanks to Mr. Nichols and T Magazine. Get the baked beans recipe here.