Aspen, CO Becomes Nation's First Meatless Monday Community

Last Monday we catalogued the growth of Meatless Mondays and the movement's history and development. Growing out of an initiative from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, modern Meatless Mondays is now observed around the world in locales as far as Tel Aviv, Israel and Paris, France. Meatless Mondays advocates forgoing meat and eating vegetarian one night a week. Aspen, Colorado (where I just was for the Aspen Food and Wine Classic,) is setting an example for other towns and cities becoming the "nation's first true Meatless Monday community" according to the Meatless Monday campaign.

The mountain town's campaign to adopt Meatless Monday began on June 6th, and already 20 restaurants have signed up to be a part of the movement. Of course, Aspen is already a health- and fitness-minded community, which boasts incredible outdoor sports in a state with the lowest rate of obesity; therefore it might not be as hard to convince diners to choose vegetables over a steak. However, carnivorous dining is still common-elk, bison, and lamb are all common menu items. Whether it's part-time residents or locals enjoying the mountain game, Meatless Mondays is trying to carve out a place to change locals' diet.

No matter the resistance by some, the Meatless Mondays movement is undoubtably doing something good. Whether you abstain from meat for spiritual reasons, or for health or dietary reasons, eating meatless once a week has many benefits. Try a new vegetarian recipe tonight!

Do you practice Meatless Mondays?

Photo: markbyzewski