As Sandy Exits, Stories from Harlem

Here's Sandy by the numbers thus far, according to and 1.1 million - Number of NYC school children still at home 124 - Years since bad weather caused shutdown of the financial markets 13.88 feet - Highest storm surge, in New York 8.5 million - Power outages at peak

In Harlem, residents fared much better than our downtown neighbors. Where power and water shut down Monday night for those living below 39th Street, uptown, Red Rooster and its staff worked tirelessly to provide a warm place for those looking for food, music and a good time away from the howling winds. We felt lucky that people trekked up to 125th and weathered out Sandy with us, and the dedication of the Red Rooster staff showed the resilience and commitment of New Yorkers.

Thanks to all of you who came out -- our lunch crowds on Monday and Tuesday were stellar, with Tuesday night dinner in full swing. The live band was playing, drinks were flowing and there was a camaraderie that only New Yorkers know so well. Even when the credit card machines and phones went down for a few hours, you kept the party alive. In an area where not a lot of restaurants were able to open due to staffing and safety issues, we felt lucky to have a strong and supportive crew.

A very special thanks to the Red Rooster staff who were willing to come in from all 5 boroughs to serve our customers. Two of our kitchen staff even stayed overnight on Monday to ensure everything in the restaurant would be OK as Sandy hit landfall.

To help out those displaced from Storm Sandy, please reach out and donate to whatever charities have the most need. Or you can text REDCROSS to 909-99 to automatically donate $10 to the Red Cross.