Artisanal Crafts on the Rise: A Look at Harlem Vintage

A recent Vancouver Sun article highlighted the current movement among individuals to create their own business visions by starting local, artisanal shops.  Many underemployed or unemployed are pulling themselves up by creating something on their own in order to become fully employed again.

This phenomenon is happening right here in the US and Harlem, too.  Local artisanal food and spirit stores open up across the country on a daily basis.  Artisanal food is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the food service economy. As the economy continues to struggle, those with the talent endeavor to produce unique, artisanal products ranging from food and wine to clothing and gifts.

To take a local business for example, Harlem Vintage, located at 2235 Fredrick Douglas Boulevard, sells artisanal wines and proves that a simple idea can turn into a successful local business.  With its humble beginnings a few years ago, Harlem Vintage has garnered praise and acclaim from the New York Times on several occasions.

The business started with the myriad issues a normal business overcomes in its infancy.  Owners Eric Woods and Jai Jai Greenfield, Harlem Vintage overcame those obstacles and now boasts by providing wines to Bill Clinton's office, students from Columbia, and other groups and individuals who are looking for unique wines and advice from expert sommeliers about wines from around the world.  Their passion and enthusiasm for wine, coupled with their impressive educational and professional backgrounds (Georgetown, Wharton, Kellogg, Columbia, and Wall Street) creates what Woods jokingly refers to as "the perfect storm" and adds vision and credibility to an already potent blend.

Harlem Vintage is just one of the many local vendors that has created a successful business from their love of artisanal crafts. For great holiday wine and gift ideas, as well as more information about Harlem Vintage, click here.

Photo: southie3

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