Art Tour and Cooking Demo with Harlem's Children's Storefront

We had many smiling faces at Red Rooster Harlem yesterday as we welcomed the Children's Storefront 3rd grade class for a special art tour and cooking demonstration. I love teaching the importance of healthy eating to kids and with Philip Maysles' collection still at Red Rooster, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to bring in a Harlem school for a tour.

Miss Larson's 3rd grade class from The Children's Storefront joined us as Harlem artist Philip Maysles came and personally gave them a tour of his current collection "The Comfort of Enlightenment" hanging at Red Rooster. Philip showed each of his pieces to the kids and spoke of the history of Norman Rockwell and Ruby Bridges who inspired his collection. I was truly impressed by the kid's amazing questions for him in regards to the mediums of his art and his inspiration for the paintings. They also got a chance to sign and leave comments in our guest book for the collection.

The art tour was followed by a cooking class and lunch that I prepared for the kids. I taught them a simple way to make sauteed shrimp and spoke of how to include more vegetables in our diet. We then served them a Rooster-style lunch of grilled shrimp, healthy beans, and collard greens and cornbread with tomato jam in theme with New Orleans, where Ruby Bridges was from and went to school. It was great to see the kids enjoy the food and ask important questions about cooking. They also had a blast "toasting" to several aspects of their field trip, just like they've seen adults do at restaurants. It was a trip to see!

The children weren't the only ones who went home with something, since both Philip and I were presented with gifts from the Storefront children. The kids gifted Philip with a collage of inspirational words that they used to describe Ruby Bridges and a picture of her on the collage, while they gave me a bag of green beans picked from the school's very own garden, as well as several "thank you" noted from my last visit to The Children's Storefront. It was such a beautiful gesture that I pickled the green beans and they will soon be on display at our bar.

Overall it was a great event and I can't wait to host another one for more kids here in Harlem. Check out our photos of the event below and for more information about The Children's Storefront, click here.

Photos: Cyndi Amaya

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