Art of Harlem: Mingus Murray

The neighborhood of Harlem is known for the many eclectic styles of its inhabitants. From clothes to art, Harlemites have a way of blending different styles to make them all their own. Harlem music is no different, if anything, it's more eclectic than all of the previously mentioned. Today on Art of Harlem, we look at a musical artist that not only embodies the style of Harlem but also the idea of melding a wide range of musical styles to create his own: Mingus Murray.

Who is Mingus? As eloquently put by his website, Mingus is an art nouveau rock star from the future, traveling back in time to save humanity from the monotony that has come to drown the radio airwaves. Intrigued yet?

Most importantly, Mingus is a young musical virtuoso producer/multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, visual artist, and born entertainer sure to set the music world by fire. His music is all things funky, sexual, electric, cool, organic, smooth, erotic, energetic, progressive, and original. His music has the new wave eroticism of Prince, the rollicking haze of Hendrix, the feel good vibe of Sly, the organic soul of D'angelo, and the crossover rock appeal of Lenny; but with a gritty urban feel heard through his syncopated J Dilla-like sounds.

If that doesn't sound diverse and unique to you, I don't know what does! If you want to hear just what Mingus' new wave of eroticism sounds like, you're in luck- his new album was just released this Saturday on his website. What's even better is that you can download it for free! Click here to download Mingus' latest and be sure to also check him out on Facebook and Twitter. Check out his album because it is on fire!

Photo: Mingus