Art of Harlem: Belinda Munro

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

Today for Art of Harlem, we take a look at one of Red Rooster's own resident singers, Belinda Munro. Belinda is a driven, successful individual who looks to her love for music to inspire women young and old. With her eloquent gospel-like voice, she creates a perfect melody whether she is creating her debut single or taking a stand on allowing women to share their voice. In a nutshell she is a humble women who believes others should find their passion and live it out just as she has done. Proof of this is the movement Belinda started called the I AM (Its About Me) Movement, which inspires women to actively take control of their lives and live out their dreams. The movement improves self-esteem in women by gaining inspiration through mentoring, workshops, and artistic programs. Besides winning the 2010 Chozen Musical Awards, "Musician of the Year" and touring the world to showcase her voice, she is still rooted in a humble, sweet nature. Here is what Belinda Munro has to say about her musical career and the I AM Movement she created.

Tell me a little about yourself...

I have been singing all my life, I was born singing. "The Lord's Prayer" was the first song I sang in church at the age of three. I have traveled around the world to sing and the only place I haven't been yet to sing is Africa. Singing is something that is deeply rooted in myself, I love to sing to see peoples faces. It is truly an experience for them and myself. Through singing, I take people on a journey, as music is that universal language where people are able to express themselves.

What is the I AM Movement?

The I AM Movement is an example to other young females that teaches them that they can accomplish their dreams. It is about females encouraging others. It's about females reclaiming ourselves. I believe that you can do whatever it is your put your heart, mind and spirit into and this is what the I AM Movement is about.

Why is the I AM Movement so important to you?

When I was growing up, I didn't have any accountability partners. I had always wanted to know what it was like to have a sister, as I don't have any sisters, and this is why I chose to develop the I AM Movement. The I AM Movement is about having an accountability partner so you can say to others 'this is my friend or sister'. It is about having someone beside you who is walking along to encourage and support you.

Since you won the 2010 Chozen Awards "Musician of the Year" Award, how does this enable you to empower and inspire others?

The fact that I was chosen for a "Chozen Award" was very humbling. To know I am recognized around the country meant a lot to me. Winning the award made me want to go out and help others to reach their dreams. In the midst of living my dream, I want others to see that they too can do the same thing. It truly was a humbling experience.

You are working on your debut album, when is it set to come out?

I haven't set a date. It's hard to set a date and then it doesn't happen. Musicians have this thing where we have a song one day that we love and the next we don't like it anymore. Musicians are creative and it takes time to create a piece of work. The single is almost finished, but I haven't set a date for it to be released.

Check out her video below. Keep a look out for Belinda Munro's debut album. Until then click here to read more about her: