Art & Food: Performance-Artist Marina Abramovic Designs dessert

Since the paintings that adorned the walls of Egyptian tombs, food and art have been intertwined.  Then, as the paintings evolved over time, still-life paintings occupied a symbolic role, in which the objects and composition had allegorical or religious meaning. Now, artists going one step further, and are designing food.  Performance artist Marina Abramovic designed a dessert for the seasonally-changing restaurant, Park Avenue Winter.  Her creation: Volano Flambe arrives with a booklet of her "off-beat recipes" and a MP3 player with a talk by the artist.

What exactly do you receive from an artist-designed dessert?  It sounds delicious: a "core of dark chocolate ice cream is covered with meringue, decorated with gold leaf and a swirl of spun sugar, bedded on chocolate cookie crumbs and flambeed with rum."

The nonprofit group Creative Time organized this scrumptious collaboration.  You can find the Volano Flambe through March 20th.

Read the New York Times article here.