Apollo Goes to London With One of Red Rooster's Own

Amateur Night at the Apollo is perhaps one of the theater's most famous events that has rooted history within the music world. Many greats have gotten their start at Apollo's Amateur Night, like Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Lauryn Hill. Just having the chance to perform on the famous Apollo stage can very well launch the future career of young hopeful musicians.

We're proud to announce that one of Red Rooster's own, Caron Zabe, will be singing at the upcoming Amateur Night this Wednesday, starting at 7:30pm. On this particular night, Amateur Night will carry a different theme: The Apollo Goes to London, where the winning contestants will receive an all-expense-paid trip to London where they will represent the Apollo at the "Live at the Empire/ Amateur Night at the Apollo: Hackney vs. Harlem" competition on Saturday, July 14, 2012.

The very hopeful Caron will step out onto the spotlight and perform on that legendary stage for a chance to win a trip to London and we hope that you can join her that night to show her your support. Caron, like Marcus, is from Sweden and has been singing since she was five years old after being enrolled in a musical school. She's loved performing ever since and hopes to get discovered by performing at Amateur Night this Wednesday. So come out and show her some love this Wednesday at the Apollo Theater.

For more information, check out the Apollo's website here.