ANDREA'S JOURNAL: How we work at Red Rooster

It's hard to find a culinary team like the one we have here at Red Rooster, and I can't even begin to express my appreciation for them. I've known Mike and Jimmy for years now. Mike is the one that makes our visions come to life. Whatever we think of, he finds a way to make it happen and turns out the impossible. His work ceases to amaze me.

Jimmy adds a little more finesse to the team, since he's more classically trained than both Mike and I. He grew up in Sweden, so with Marcus, he helps us highlight the heritage in a way that works brilliantly with the rest of Rooster's menu. He's also the one to keep us levelheaded and calm when the pressure is on.

Akaysha is my girl. She's one of the youngest on the team but she holds her own and creates balance between Mike and Jimmy.

I keep my eyes open everyday, watching the other budding chefs, waiting to see who will join our inner-circle.

It's an exciting time altogether. The weather is warming up, and it means it's time to say "Goodbye!" to the glogg and spiced pears till next year.

The menu will be taking on a new shape and I can't wait to see what that might be.