ANDREA'S JOURNAL: Changing Seasons, Changing Menus

ANDREA'S JOURNAL By Andrea Bergquist

Spring is rapidly approaching and it's time for us to begin thinking about how Red Rooster's menu will evolve to mirror the changing seasons.

We've been testing out our latest dishes by making them one of our "Blackboard Specials". It's a great way to get the overall temp on a dish before making it a mainstay on our menu.

Starting this week, our first "Blackboard Special" is a lobster salad, a sort of take on one of Chef Marcus Samuelsson's classics.

We create a lobster salad, folding in pistachios, and serving the dish rolled up neatly in Asian pear with a garnish of pistachio vinaigrette and wasabi.

So far, we've gotten some good feedback from the staff and customers but I'm might tweak it a bit more to get it just right.

In just a few weeks, I'll be able to start playing with asparagus and ramps, when they finally come into season.

Rooster is approaching three months and it's exciting to see the evolution. I'm looking forward to what's in store in the next three months and beyond.