ANDREA'S JOURNAL: A Little Something for Everyone

The gentleman I mentioned in last week's entry, the vegan who came to the pass and stated there was nothing on the menu he could eat, he speaks for an ever-growing segment of the population. It inspired the Warm Roasted Barley entree currently on our menu and I've made a promise to always have a vegan option available moving forward.

I'm excited to see how the changing seasons will inspire this element of our menu, especially spring and summer when produce is most bountiful.

Without being too broad and unfocused, I think we have created a menu that suits the person who is joining us for a special night of indulgence, but also the person wanting to enjoy a delicious yet healthy dinner.

We aren't simply about our yummy Fried Yard Bird and Mac & Greens. Our menu is full of beautiful plates of seafood and dinner options like our Hearth Baked Lemon Chicken served on a bed of couscous, almonds and pomegranate seeds.

Part of being a chef is teaching people how to make healthy eating decisions without sacrificing flavor and all of the other elements of a good dish that make it so irresistible.

As a chef, it's my goal to stay true to my cooking style while making those I feed happy.