AMERICA, HOME OF THE WORLD'S BEST BARISTA! - Drink Day with Elizabetta Tekeste

The road to the perfect latte begins with the perfect espresso and is complete with heart shaped foam. Latte art is telling of just how masterful the barista is. From pulling the shot, to steaming the milk, every step along the way to latte art must be carefully and meticulously executed. David Schomer, a native of Seattle, mastered the art and subsequently introduced America to the artistry of injecting micro foam milk[1]into a cup of espresso to create patterns. Although latte art originated in Italy over half a century ago, America caught up quickly. In fact, Michael Phillips from Chicago won the World Barista Championship in 2010[2]!

There are two distinct methods to creating the art:

1)    Free Pouring consists of streaming foam into a tilted cup. The barista expertly wiggles the cup or milk container to create specific patterns. The most popular are; the rosette, heart and apple (my specialty!) These patterns are created with a single pour and a degree of skill. More intricate patterns can be created with multiple pours or by utilizing the Etching method.

2)    Etching involves using tools to engrave the image into the foam. I've included a link to two videos that illustrate this very well. There are ads associated with everything on YouTube nowadays but I am not endorsing any products. So enjoy- my favorites are the portraits of Michael Jackson and President Obama!

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Before I sign off I'd like to know how many of you would be interested in a coffee demonstration at the new Red Rooster Harlem? Email me ASAP if you are- perhaps we can persuade Mr. Samuelsson to let me hold a demonstration ;)


Until next week breathe well and be well!

[1] Steamed milk that is dense, has air but no bubbles.

[2] Read more about Michael Phillips here: