Abba Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

ABBA This past week, the Abba Museum opened in Stockholm, Sweden to hundreds of fans ready to relive the unique saga of the native pop group. (Too bad Marcus, a lifelong fan, wasn't around for the unveiling.) The museum, in collaboration with the Music Hall of Fame, boasts unparalleled memorabilia, a full-service dance floor and the actual studio console with which Abba recorded their signature sound.

The group, who formed in 1972, released 8 chart-topping albums, won the Eurovision Song Contest and extensively toured the world until their break-up in late 1982; a legacy that would spawn countless tributes to the group.

For a mere 195 Krona ($30 USD), a visitor can see the band's gold plated records, listen in on live streaming piano sessions by Benny Andersson, the 66-year-old composer and former Abba creative and actually sit inside the famed helicopter from the cover of Abba's third studio album Arrival.


If you or anyone you know is in Stockholm soon, do not walk, but run to the Abba Museum and Music Hall of Fame.

For more information, do read the article on English speaking, Swedish website The Local.

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