A Week at the Rooster: Bruce Springsteen and Friends

Last week was huge for the Rooster! The week at Red Rooster started off great with a dinner and sake tasting hosted by Chef Nils Noren and the Gohan Society, where Asian culture met Harlem style. It was great to see two distinctly different cultures come together at Red Rooster for a unique event of fusion cuisine and traditions.

That same night we hosted the after party for the Apollo's Robert Johnson tribute concert. That night various American icons like Bettye Lavette, the Roots, Elvis Costello, Taj Mahal and Sam Moore paid tribute to the great Robert Johnson for his 100th birthday. To top off this spectacular event, all of the artists and their acquaintances stopped by the Rooster to continue the celebration. It was unreal to see so many musical icons under one roof at the same, much less in the Rooster. It was truly an honor!

The excitement only continued all the way to Friday was we again hosted the after party for the Bruce Springsteen concert. I first got to catch the concert at the Apollo and just the opportunity to see him in concert was amazing. It was hands-down, the coolest concert I have ever been to! Bruce is one of my favorite artists and I remember every time he came to my hometown of Gotenburg, the whole city came out to see him. One of my favorite memories involving Bruce is the first time that I ever fought with my best friend. My best friend Matz and I never fought except for the one time when we had to write a paper in school and both of us chose to write about Bruce Springsteen but only one of us could write about him. I got to write the paper on Bruce over Matz and to this day I still have that much fanaticism over Bruce.

Some of my favorite songs are "Hungry Heart" and "I'm on Fire," which I always sing in the kitchen. His concert certainly did not disappoint. He delivered a three-hour long show, with excitement all the way to the end! My favorite part of the show was when he stopped in the middle of a song and gave a shout out to Clarence Thomas and the audience applauded.

Then when "The Boss" came with his crew and his friends over to the Rooster after the concert, I was ecstatic. It was one of my favorite all-time moments! It also didn't hurt that my great friend Julie Mehretu also came and that the super talented Quest Love was on the 1's and 2's that night. It was a lively celebration and an honor for the Rooster to host.

The rest of the weekend was also great! On Saturday I got to take part in Macy's Million Dollar Makeover with Martha Stewart and Tommy Hilfiger. It was nice to be part of the show and show support for young talent. My friend Tracey Reese (who personally designed all the Red Rooster aprons) was there, as well.  Sunday finished off with a bang with the awesome musicians at Red Rooster, both for brunch with Marcella, and with Nate's jazz band for dinner. I also got to try some authentic Moroccan cuisine later that night at the Maysle's home. Gillian Maysles cooked us dinner in authentic tagines and the meal was exquisite! I can't think of a better ending to a perfect week!

 Photos: Marcus Samuelsson

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