A Successful "Brunch for the Horn of Africa," Thanks to Much Support

I want to say thank you for all of those who joined me yesterday in my home during "Brunch for the Horn of Africa." Around 200 people joined my wife Maya and me yesterday as we hosted guests in our Harlem home to raise money for Ethiopian and Somali famine victims. I'm happy to say that we raised a great amount of money for this important cause and Maya can't wait to travel to Ethiopia to deliver our relief efforts.

It was really exciting for us to host such an event and we didn't imagine we would get as much support in putting it together as we did. There was so much involved and we thankfully got help with all aspects of the Brunch.  All efforts in putting this event on were amazing; everyone from donors of raffle prizes, to those who helped cook, to the DJ, to all of my staff- I want to send a sincere thanks. We couldn't have done it without you!

It was beautiful to see such a variety of guests in our home, everyone from our closest friends to new friends we had the pleasure of meeting that day. There were supporters of all ages from a 7-week-old baby to an 80 year-old man, all coming together to raise funds for those suffering in East Africa from the drought and famine. A great aspect that made it all worthwhile for Maya and me, was to be able to share with and expose people to our African traditions like the food and music. Our DJ played some Ethiopian tunes while guests ate Beghe Wat (Ethiopian lamb stew) with Injera Bread and other Red Rooster classics like our Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, and Dirty Rice and Shrimp.

Although out event was done in a large scale for a couple hundred people, our main idea in hosting the Brunch for the Horn of Africa, was to inspire others to also do the same and host African-themed dinners or meals to raise funds for famine victims, too. Maya and I want to encourage everyone, even if for just a few guests, to come together to host a similar event in their own effort to raise awareness about the cause and to then donate those funds to an organization like UNICEF and the World Food Programme. We have to keep in mind that over 12 million people are currently being affected by the famine, so every little bit helps. If you do host an event, upload pictures to our Facebook page and let us know how your event went. We look forward to hearing for you!

Below are a few photos from yesterday's brunch, but stay tuned tomorrow for more photos and testimonials about our Brunch. Once again, a big thank you goes to those chefs and individuals that donated raffle prizes and services to help those in need. Your support is much appreciated!