A Revolution In African Agriculture

I'm super excited to see that a new study that presents a prescription for transforming Sub-Saharan Africa's agriculture and its economy.

The study, "The New Harvest, Agricultural Innovation in Africa," approaches the idea of self-sufficiency for the continent, within a generation.   The idea that a revolution in African agriculture is no more than a generation away, is exciting, and gives hope for those who live with little food and nourishment.

Professor Calestous Juma, the study's author, cites crucial ingredients to improving the state of African agriculture: communications, infrastructure, water, energy, and engineers who can develop science-based agriculture.

Key necessary changes for Africa's governments to make include: making "African agricultural expansion central to decision making from transportation and communication infrastructure to post-secondary education and innovation investment."

Often we focus on the problems with food in Africa, but I like the positive view that Professor Juma takes.  He says, "it's important to see past the problems to recognize Africa's immense land, water and energy resources."

Read more about the study here.